Annual Resident Christmas Luncheon Marks Eight-Year Tradition at Blue River Services

Annual Resident Christmas Luncheon Marks Eight-Year Tradition at BRS

Group home residents David Edwards, left, and Samantha Holt visit at the Supervised Group Living Department annual Christmas luncheon.

Residents from Blue River Services, Inc. group homes enjoyed an early Christmas celebration December 13 at KingFish Restaurant in Jeffersonville, where the agency’s Supervised Group Living Department held the annual event, now in its eighth year. 

Nearly 100 residents and staff filled the riverfront establishment for an afternoon of food, fun and fellowship, including an enthusiastic game of bingo that scored several lucky residents entertaining prizes, such as motion-activated Christmas figurines, ornaments and a singing tie.

Perhaps still in the Thanksgiving spirit, many residents noted things for which they are thankful -- family, friends, church and being a part of Blue River Services.

“That’s always good to hear,” said Tim Beitzel, Director of Residential Supervised Group Living. “Our job is to help consumers live fulfilling lives and every day work toward goals that will further their independence. When we receive a compliment from the people we serve, it’s very rewarding.”

Beitzel also recognized Nona Besendorf, BSW, Social Service Liaison, who coordinated and emceed the event.

Blue River Services President and CEO Dan Lowe also attended the event as he has done most every year since it began.

“This is a very important and special day,” said Lowe. “It gives me a chance to step away from my administrative duties and interact with our consumers, who I am proud to come to work for every day. Events like these are a good reminder of why we are here.”

Other leadership in attendance included properties manager Lea Mosier, who entered to a shout out and subsequent applause from consumers who obviously appreciate her dutiful service ensuring their homes are properly maintained.

To that, the 17-year veteran humbly responded, “after being with the agency so long, and in my position, you see the clients a lot, and they get excited when they see a familiar, friendly face.” “That’s why when my schedule allows, I try to participate in special events like this.” 

After lunch, consumers exchanged gifts and sang songs.

“We sang We Wish You a Merry Christmas and even celebrated a birthday; it was a festive afternoon,” Beitzel said.

In what was perhaps the perfect end to the day, Beitzel received the ultimate commendation.

“As we were leaving, a patron approached me and asked about the agency,” Beitzel said. “He said what we were doing was great and complimented our caring staff. It’s great to make a positive impact in the community like that.”  

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