Magical Prom Night

Marking one decade of a distinctly memorable tradition, the annual Habilitation Prom was at its peak October 7 at Southern Hills Church in Salem. More than 65 Blue River Services consumers and their dates gleamed and grinned as they entered an imaginative enchanted forest – this year’s theme.

Trees with fairies, woodland creatures, toadstools and gnomes were just a few of the things prom goers encountered. From an actual forest complete with park bench, to intricate centerpieces and thoughtful take-home gifts on each table, staff volunteers, who even wore butterfly wings and frilly tutus to add to the ambiance, left no enchanted stone unturned when planning the night.

“Thirty volunteers came together to make this night special,” said Tammy Seitz, Director of Community Resources, who has been planning the event since its inception. “They donated their time, talents and kindness – we had a wonderful group.”

The evening started with fettuccini “magnifico,” breadsticks and fruit salad for dinner, followed by cupcakes for dessert. After the Italian feast, DJ Phil Stahl got the dance floor rocking and rolling.    

Then it was time for the royal moment everyone had been waiting for -- crowning of this year’s court. Led by Seitz and Habilitation Manager Donna Davis, Eddy Howell was crowned King, and Karen Ellenbrand was crowned queen. The 2017 Prince was Ralph Baker and Princess was Annie Gilstrap.  Kevin Smith was honored as Duke and Caroline Johnson, Duchess. This year’s sweethearts were longtime couple Dennis Martin and Cindy Lawson. 

After the excitement and photo ops with the royal court wound down, Bob Hampton, an Elvis impersonator, elated the crowd, and the true Elvis fans broke out their best King-inspired dance moves as they sang along.

As the evening ended, everyone collected a fairy or enchanted dragon necklace and a painted ladybug rock as a memento of their magical night in the enchanted forest.  

“This year’s event was a huge success because of our wonderful staff, volunteers and several donations, including nearly $1,000, food and craft supplies for decorations,” said Seitz. “We had a wonderful turnout and the consumers had a great time – the true measurement of our success. I look forward to continuing this tradition for many years.”

A Very Special Thanks to Our Donors:

Steve Trusty (Trusty Tires), Lucas Oil, Thriftway, Patty Coglazer, Tony Burns, Bill Lookatch, Linda Smith, Barb Miller, Roxanne Snider, Mary Stockton, Dennis Wessel, Sandy Beams and Lynn Eliot.

And Our Amazing Volunteers:

Charity & Jeffrey Ash, Linda Hardin, Ashley Walton, Vicki Saunders, Kay Hamilton, Charna Linsk, Marlea Williams, Tonia Elkins, Lynn Eliott, Sandy & Brian Beams, Brenda Callahan, Ronda Elrod, Barb Miller, Liz & Jess Pendygraft, Sonja Oakes, Cynthia Porter, Murie, Wayne, & Tim Medlock, Donna Davis, Mandy Davis, Dennis Wessel, Jessica & Mike McKinley, Michelle DeWitt, and Stephanie Sabins.

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