Building Bountiful Teams

Community Resources Department Holds Annual Team Challenges

Now in its 17th year, the Community Resources Department at Blue River Services, Inc. held its annual team building event, where In-Home Services and Habilitation program staff went head-to-head in team challenges and were recognized for their outstanding work.

On December 14, In-Home Services North and South once again battled it out, and the south won bragging rights. On December 20, Habilitation staff competed. Challenges included building the highest structure possible with Legos while wearing oven mitts, and moving candy canes from the table to a coffee cup using only their mouth and another candy cane. Teams also competed in a spirited Jeopardy-inspired Q and A game and scavenger hunt.

“The point of the challenges is that groups must work as a team to accomplish the task,” said Tammy Seitz, Director of Community Resources. “Working well as a team significantly impacts our consumers’ success. That’s why staff have participated in the annual team building challenges since 2000.”

Two staff members also were honored for their hard work and dedication. Cindy Ehle was named Residential Staff of the Year, and Marlea Williams received Day Services Staff of the Year.  



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