Youth Services

Youth Shelters

Wyandotte House and Corydon Ramsey Youth Services Home are residential homes for children ages of 10 to 18 and serve as emergency shelters and long-term care facilities.

Youth are referred  from the Department of Child Services  and Indiana juvenile probation departments. The homes provide supervision 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, individualized tutoring, counseling and physical and mental health assessments when needed.  Services at Corydon Ramsey are designed specifically to meet the needs of children with intellectual or developmental disabilities. For more information, please contact Liz Tyree, Director of Youth Services, at 812-738-3198 or

Safe Place

A Network of Safe Place Locations for ChildrenSafe Place was developed by and is a national program of the YMCA of Greater Louisville, Kentucky. The program was brought to Harrison County by the Leadership Harrison County Class of 2005 and is administered locally though Blue River Services, Inc.

Safe Place is a national youth outreach program that educates thousands of young people every year about the dangers of running away or trying to resolve difficult, threatening situations on their own. This easily replicated community initiative involves the whole community to provide safe havens and resources for youth in crisis.

Safe Place is creating a network of "Safe Place Sites," which also include Crawford County. These sites are youth-friendly agencies and businesses, such as Harrison County EMS stations, Public Library, the YMCA, and others appropriate marked by the distinctive yellow and black Safe Place sign. Harrison County Hospital ambulances serve as mobile Safe Place sites.

In conjunction with the Safe Place program, Blue River Services also partners with the Indiana Youth Services Association to help identify and provide comprehensive servicves to youth victims of trafficking or sexual expoloitation as part of the Indiana Trafficking Victims Assistance Program.

For additional information, please call 812-738-4902.

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