Blue River Services Inspires at Annual WCCF Event

As Blue River Services helped the Washington County Community Foundation (WCCF) celebrate at its 25th Anniversary dinner, agency leadership also got to meet with more than 300 community members and dignitaries.

BRS Centerpiece“We have a strong presence in Washington County with more than 12 programs and services,” said Daniel J. Lowe, President and CEO of Blue River Services, Inc., who attended the dinner with several other agency leaders. “This annual event was a great opportunity to showcase those services and all the ways Blue River, and partners like the WCCF, are helping residents lead independent, healthy lives, no matter the challenges they may face.”

The annual event, held at Cornerstone Hall in Salem, also included an information session for the first time this year. Non-profits set up displays to help bring community awareness to their missions and compete for a $25,000 endowment.

Even though Blue River Services did not win, it was not a bleak moment of defeat to lose to the cutest guests in attendance – kids from a local STEM program dressed in lab coats who could recite the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics responsible for making a banana light up with a laptop.

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