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If you are a former student with an outstanding Federal loan, you may be eligible for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program if you come work for Blue River Services, Inc. Check out all the job opportunities we offer and visit the Public Service Loan Forgiveness website for more details.

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An Agency of Change

As Blue River Services, Inc. held its All-Staff In-Service on September 28, most of the agency’s 383 employees who gathered at Lincoln Hills Christian Church realized an apogee of history, hope and hospitality that has changed the societal landscape for people of all backgrounds. Since its humble beginning in 1959, Blue River Services has been changing the outlook and outcomes for children with disabilities, developing and maintaining healthy lifestyles for adults with disabilities and improving the lives of all people in 33 Indiana counties through programs as diverse as the population they serve.

With the fitting theme, “Agents of Change,” the mass training articulated the agency’s magnitude and impact through video, testimony and staff accolades.

“It’s not until we get everyone together in one room that the magnitude of what Blue River Services does becomes evident,” said Daniel J. Lowe, President and CEO. “You do incredible work in changing the lives of individuals and families we serve, but the changes you make go far beyond the obvious.” “Societal changes are not as obvious and immediate as individual changes,” he continued, “but they are just as real.” “Add together all those changes you are helping to make and your work is improving the collective quality of life in Southern Indiana.”

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