Blue River Services Leadership

Please see the contact details below for the  leadership staff of Blue River Services.

Display #
Name Position Phone
Daniel Lowe CEO 812-738-2408
Tammy Seitz COO 812-738-2018
Kim Perry Blue River Industries Director 812-738-4541
Evelyn McPherson Director of BR Grafix 812-738-2437
Julia Baylor Children's Services Director 812-364-1142
Holly Adam Employment Services Director 812-945-4063
Jennifer Owens Family Services Director 812-738-1987
Paula Craig Housing Director 812-738-8016
Rose Book Fiscal Director 812-738-2408
Kim Perry Janitorial/Marketing Director 812-738-4541
Brian Dobson Properties Coordinator 812-738-0496
Dawn Pigg Director of Community Resources 812-738-4541
Eric Williams Residential Supported Group Living Director 812-738-4996
Roland Lemus Transportation Director 812-734-1000
T.J. Gettelfinger WIC Coordinator 812-738-1601
Liz Tyree Youth Services Director 812-738-3198
Bonnie Woertz Human Resources Director 812-738-0776
Jenny Bowen Program Development Specialist 812-738-2408