BRS Consumer Ron Blackman, Jr. Gives Back to the Community

On a typical day, Ron Blackman, Jr. works diligently at Salem Blue River Industries, where he receives vocational training and is employed as a material handler and packager. At the workshop, he helps his peers and general laborers fulfill light manufacturing contracts with local businesses. He also works in the community on the lawn care crew for other Blue River Services, Inc. sites.

This summer however, Ron had a unique opportunity to test his skills. Volunteering alongside his father, Ron worked with neighboring non-profit, Washington County Helping Hands, to build a wheelchair ramp for a family home in Salem.

“People need this for their wheelchairs and walking with canes; they have problems using stairs,” Ron said. “I like helping people. It makes me very happy.”

Production manager Staci Dorton, who has supervised Ron’s work since he came to Blue River Industries in 2014, echoed Ron’s enthusiasm for a job well done.

“Ron is a great part of our team at Salem Blue River Industries,” Dorton said. “He is a hard worker and can do just about any task we give him, and do it very well. He is also polite and friendly with everybody. We are blessed to have him as a part of our team.”

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